Seminar & Retreat Center

Retreat Center on a farm in the Canadian wilderness of B.C.

Special offers for seminar organizers, management, survival or sales trainers, clubs, companies, organizations and other groups.

Are you looking for a very special venue, on a farm or ranch near a river or a lake in unspoiled Canadian nature?

A marketing center set up by Hans Buch develops package deals ("farm package") including lodging, boarding, group transfer from/to the airport and other services.

Basis of a seminar & retreat center is a farm or ranch in a very special, quiet and beautiful location with a nearby river or lake, managed by a family that is more interested in healthy living, self-sufficiency and personal development than in running an effective business.

The farm family offers seminar guests and their attendants simple lodging and good food, organically grown by themselves. There are additional offers like riding horses, sailing and motor boats, canoes, fishing, hunting, watching wild animals, excursions, hiking, skiing, driving snowmobiles, baking healthy bread, making goat's cheese. Childcare and an individual transfer to the airport or railway station will also be options that may be charged to the guests individually.

What a seminar & retreat center in Canada can offer, is especially suited for guests who want to connect seminars and retreats in Canada's nature with a holiday or round trips and who want to allow other members of their families to travel with them and pursue other activities while they participate in a seminar.

The marketing for all seminar and retreat centers is done by our marketing center, which settles accounts with the farmers.

Most interesting for organizers is that they can combine their own services and offer their clients a combination with their Canada holiday; for example round trips or special trips from or to the seminar place, with intermediate stops and short holidays "Between the Pacific and the Rockies": Calgary/Vancouver - Vancouver Island - passage from west coast to Prince Rupert - Queen Charlotte Islands/the "Galapagos islands" of the North - railway travel through the coast mountains along the world renowned Skeena and Bulkley salmon rivers to New Hazelton, Burns Lake or Fort Fraser (45 minutes to 2 hrs transfer to the seminar places - airport transfer from Smithers or Prince George to the seminar places takes between 1.5 and 3.5 hours).

After the seminar, you may take a spectacular bus trip from Burns Lake or Prince George with stops for short holidays in the Rocky Mountains and national parks, through Jasper and Banff to Calgary or Vancouver airport.

Some participants may just want to relax on the farm after the seminar. This, of course, is another option that may be offered.

Lodging and boarding on a farm in Canada is much cheaper than in Germany and many other countries. Also, costs and time for traveling and the Canadian holiday may be tax-deductible, depending on the individual situation.

The market for any kind of seminars, retreats and trainings is growing steadily, facing a huge demand world-wide. Anyone who organises a seminar is challenged to find cost-effective and attractive places when marketing his own offers. From many years of experience, I know how difficult this can be.

On the other hand, I have visited more than 20 of the most interesting seminars in the U.S.A., where up to 1000 participants slept in a big hall on clay ground for weeks - and paid a lot for that. The special experience in nature counts for more than the luxury we are used to and that is a cold comfort for our frustrations and inner problems.

It's not the atmosphere of a lodge or perfect guest house that fills our hearts with joy and unforgettably touches our souls deep within, but the nightly camp fire in the wilderness, where we can roast fish and absorb a breathtaking sunset, watch the northern lights or communicate with a tree and connect with the healing energies of mother nature.

As far as the farmer wants, parts of the farm may be sold to people who want to have their own small property on such a place. They may want to buy their own piece of land, shares of a corporations owning the ground, or time-shares.

On request, we can offer to build (log) houses ready to move in, and they can be used by the buyer or be managed by the farmer and rented to guests of the seminar and retreat center.

This way, a buyer can create a second way of income in one of these last nature paradises of Earth, which may serve as a resort from our crazy civilised world, as a holiday domicile or as a future investment.

The lakes and rivers provide best drinking water and one's own garden, fish, game, mushrooms and herbs or a cooperative with a farmer provide excellent health food. It would even be possible to raise animals; in one's absence, the farmer could care for them.

Looking at the political, economical and ecological development of the world and the tendencies of the Euro, such an investment could prove to be the most important one a buyer may have done for himself and his family.

A safe and healthy life without stress and a good investment are ideally combined for both farmer and investor. Additionally, we are building up a place where people with similar interests meet, can help each other and share their services.

Selling of his property, building houses and managing or renting them is at the sole decision of the individual farmer or owner. He can do this on his own or cooperate with others. This can be a very interesting, additional income. Also, selling such a farm with seminar & retreat center to a new immigrant later can be profitable with income from increase in value of the property.