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Ootsa Lake Ranch


Three parts of the ranch can be sold:

Plot 1: Block A, District Lot 436 - 217 acres/88 hectares, no buildings, big meadow surrounded by forest, beautiful view to snow-covered mountains of the Tweedsmuir Provincial Park and into the direction of Cheslatta Lake. Lake can be accessed on an existing trail through bordering state-owned crown land.
Price: Price & Availability on request.

Plot 2: 1/2 of the North, 1/2 of District Lot 433 - 133 acres/54 ha, meadows and forest, with both houses, barn, small log house and soakaway, directly at the lake, plus the northern 1/4 of west 1/2 of District Lot 438 - 80 acres/32 ha, meadow with alfalfa field, apprach and ca. 600 m airfield. 213 acres/86 ha total.
Price: Price & Availability on request.

Plot 3: The northeast 1/4 of district lot 438 - 160 acres/65 ha, breathtaking view across Lake Ootsa and into the snow covered mountains of Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, aspen, poplar and joung pines, plus a 1/4 of the bordering 1/2 of District Lot 438 - 80 acres/32 ha, meadow, descending towards southeast to the lake, total 240 acres/97 ha.
Price: Price & Availability on request.

These properties are being sold for private reasons directly from the owner. There is no extra transfer fee. We are open for discussions about financing and the purchase price.