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For many years, we have come to know this area very well. We have spent a lot of time finding places that are very exceptional. Pieces of land right at the shore of lakes and rivers with the clearest water. Most of them surrounded by thousands of square miles of untouched government-owned "Crown Land" with mountains, forests, lakes and rivers.

Create your own paradise here!

For example, at Ootsa Lake Ranch we can sell three plots of land right at the shore of the lake. Enjoy the view across hundreds of square miles of purest water, green islands, beautiful Canadian forests and snow-covered mountain peaks.

Or, at Binta Lake Farm Wilderness Estates, on a most beautiful piece of land that has been subdivided into plots with direct access to the lake. And just up the road a ways we have the Binta Lake Ranch.

Or, Francois Lake properties, two beautiful waterfront lots on the southside of Francois Lake.